Guide for Charitable Contributions
Supporting the communities where we live and work

Our mission to improve the health status of the communities we serve is at the heart of our charitable roots. At Meridian Health, we understand the important role that not-for-profit and civic organizations play in maintaining the health, well-being, and social balance of the communities they serve.

As a socially conscious member of the community, we focus our charitable giving on the areas that are in line with Meridian’s mission and where we feel our help will be most effective. These areas include:

Disease Awareness, Prevention and Education

Groups that promote awareness of and provide education for health related issues, particularly cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological disorders.

Community Vitality
Organizations that promote vibrant, healthy and safe communities including those that help those in need obtain basic necessities.

Women and Children’s Issues
Groups that encourage young people to achieve their potential, use their imagination, and keep them safe from harm.

Inclusiveness and diversity initiatives underpin all three areas of focus.

In addition to aligning with our mission, other requirements of eligibility include the need to:

  • Have a current and active 501(c)(3) of the U.S. IRS Code
  • Be located in the communities we serve (Monmouth and Ocean Counties)
  • Have strong fiscal management and governance practices

All of us at Meridian truly wish that we could say “yes” to everyone who seeks our support. As a not-for-profit organization ourselves, we strive to be a generous and socially responsible neighbor, and each request we receive for a charitable contribution is carefully reviewed and evaluated against our guidelines and requirements. With this in mind, it is helpful to know that we cannot support the following requests:

  • Individuals (rather, we support organizations that help individuals)
  • Political activities, organizations and campaigns
  • Schools, fraternity and sorority organizations, sports teams, religious organizations, first responders (see All the Ways We Give)
  • Organizations that discriminate by age, gender, race, creed or national origin

It is important that those seeking contributions from Meridian Health understand all of the ways we are supporting and partnering with countless organizations in our communities.

By their very nature, hospitals exist as a community benefit as they provide access to health care and do so regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

Meridian provides over one-hundred million dollars in community support and charity care each year, much of which is not reimbursed by the government. And, while care of the underserved remains a central mission of our hospitals, promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the entire community through meaningful programs, screenings, education, and partnerships are equally important.

In addition to offering financial support to numerous not-for-profits, our leaders, physicians, and team members touch countless lives in and around Monmouth and Ocean counties by serving on a variety of boards and committees dedicated to improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Meridian Pediatric Network offers schools the opportunity to host the Pawsitive Action Team. The Pawsitive Action Team was developed by Meridian Health to support a contemporary view of health and physical education that focuses on taking personal responsibility for one’s health and wellness through an active, healthy lifestyle. Doctor Bernard and his pals visit schools throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties for fun and educational assemblies on health, nutrition, fitness, asthma awareness, and bike safety. Over 15,000 students are educated annually.

For high school students, nurses from our Injury Prevention Program conduct assemblies and educational programs to speak about important health and safety issues facing adolescents like distracted driving, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

These valuable programs are provided to schools throughout the region at no cost to the school or student. This is Meridian’s way of contributing to schools and school systems in a positive and impactful way.

First Responders
The dedication of the hardworking men and women of local police and fire departments and emergency medical squads is immeasurable and vital to the safety and well-being of our communities. Meridian Health is proud to provide ongoing educational opportunities, free of charge, for first responders such as monthly programs, stroke awareness lectures, and more.

Religious Organizations
Meridian Health recognizes that there are many factors affecting an individual’s health and well-being. One’s spiritual needs are no less important than the physical and emotional. As such, we actively partner with local religious organizations to foster the message of prevention and wellness of the “whole” person through health education, health screenings and wellness fairs for congregations throughout the area.

Meridian Health is proud to support many organizations through these broader community outreach efforts, such as health and wellness fairs, health screenings, and other health-related community services, as well as in-kind donations and speakers. If your school, club, squad, or religious group is interested in any of these in-kind contributions and programs, please contact our Community Outreach Department at 732-751-7590.

Parties requesting our support can greatly facilitate the process by submitting requests as far in advance of an event as possible. Please submit all requests in the form of a written letter on your organization’s official letterhead at least six weeks prior to your event or funding need. It is important that your request include the following information:

  • Focus area of request
  • Details about the event and who will benefit from the proceeds
  • A copy of your IRS 501(c)3 charity status
  • Detailed contact information

Please be as specific as possible about what you are requesting, refer to the guidelines, requirements and general exclusions above before submitting your request.

Letters containing the information listed above should be sent to:

Community Outreach
Meridian Health
Attn: Charitable Requests
Monmouth Shores Corporate Park
1350 Campus Parkway
Neptune, NJ 07753

Due to the high volume of requests and our need to formally evaluate each in accordance with our guidelines, it may take several weeks to get back to you with a decision. We greatly appreciate your patience.