Become Empowered

Meridian Women's Heart Connection's educational programs, screenings, and events empower you with information on preventing heart disease.

Most women think that cancer is their leading killer. They're wrong. It's heart disease. In fact, each year nearly twice as many women die of cardiovascular disease as from all forms of cancer. But it doesn't have to affect you.

The information provided here is intended to help you understand in more detail your risk, how certain factors can affect your chances for heart disease and how to help control them.

Determine Your Risk
Learn about heart disease and if you're at risk:

Create a Plan

Keys to Survival
If you do have a heart attack, learn the keys to survival:

Members of the Meridian Women's Heart Connection have access to valuable programs conducted by physicians, nurses, and health care professionals from the Meridian Health family. These educational programs provide you with vital information to better understand the symptoms of heart disease, and your own personal risk factors, as well as useful nutrition and exercise tips to live a heart healthy lifestyle.