Professional Practice Model

Our Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model is our framework that supports our nursing team in everyday practice and our belief that the highest-quality patient care is based on partnerships between our nurses and other clinicians, patients, families, and the community.

At Meridian Health, our patients are at the center of everything we do and our nurses are at the heart of their care.  In order to provide the best patient experience, our nurses need to be mindful, collaborative, and effective in the care that they provide.

To be successful, we must be mindful of our processes and ensure that they are constructed in such a way that will support us all in always doing the right thing.

The practice of mindfulness can help nurses to be more attentive and responsive to the needs and concerns of patients. Mindfulness promotes safe, effective, and compassionate care by helping nurses to take a deep breath, prioritize, and stay focused on a situation at hand.

We all have the responsibility to deliver high-quality, competent, safe, effective, compassionate, and evidence-based collaborative care based on established nursing standards and evidenced-based practice. Patient information handoff is an integral component of communication in health care. Effectiveness of care is measured through our Nurse Sensitive Indicators.

It is important for us to work as a team in health care. As a group, we can utilize individual skills and talents to reach the highest of patient care standards. A multidisciplinary plan of care is used when planning, making decisions, solving problems, and setting goals.

To guarantee these three components of the best health care experience are delivered to our patients, we work to ensure nursing excellence throughout out team by utilizing education, clinical expertise, research, and shared decision making.

Clinical Expertise
We believe the professional growth is of primary importance for the advancement of the professional nurse with formal recognition of increasingly sophisticated clinical expertise. Mentors and opportunities provided by the Clinical Advancement and Recognition for Excellence Program, as well as engagement in the organization and national certification in your areas of expertise contribute to the accountability and voice of the professional nurse.

Clinical expertise could not be achieved without education. We believe continuing education is critical for the advancement of the professional nurse with formal recognition of increasingly sophisticated clinical expertise. Meridian promotes a practice environment that embraces lifelong learning and offers financial incentives from tuition reimbursement to scholarship offerings in order to advance our nursing team to the baccalaureate and higher degree levels in nursing.

It is through knowledge that we grow as professionals and in turn, the patient, his or her family, and the community truly benefit from our enhanced understanding of nursing science, health care systems, and quality outcome measures.

Shared Decision Making
We believe excellence in nursing practice is achieved through a shared decision making approach that promotes the involvement of the professional nurse in all aspects of professional practice and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Each nurse contributes collectively and is accountable for decision making related to patient care, nursing practice, and the work environment through active membership on his/her department unit based council.  Every nursing council at Meridian Health includes members of the clinical nursing staff from every campus in order to have a voice in decision making from the front line.   

Finally, research is an important component of nursing excellence because we believe that innovation can drive change. Therefore, we continue to generate new knowledge and make a difference in the practice of nursing by improving patient/family centered care. Support for these processes includes nursing scientists and researchers from the Ann May Center for Nursing and Allied Health and the Institute for Evidence-Based Care.

High Reliability
It is through the use of these components that we are able to achieve our goal of becoming a high reliability organization at Meridian Health. Nurses are the front line of health care delivery, and as such, at the forefront of safety and quality processes and outcomes. Meridian Health nurses are required to both understand and develop the skills needed to improve care processes and to own the work of improvement as a professional responsibility. Nurses practice in a complex and high risk environment and deliver exceptionally safe and consistently high quality service and care.

As the health care environment changes with new technology, consumer preferences, regulatory compliance, and as reimbursement challenges take hold, Meridian Health nurses are perfectly positioned to address the changes in the environment and improve care for the future.  With processes like our Transition of Care council, we are able to support effectiveness of the transitions of patients across the entire continuum of care – a strategic goal and priority for our team.