Research & Clinical Trials

Meridian Cancer Care is offering Monmouth and Ocean counties' communities excellent oncologic care backed by New Jersey's breakthrough cancer research and clinical findings. See a complete list of available clinical trials.

Choosing to participate in a clinical trial is an important personal decision, and it is often helpful to talk with a physician, family member or friend before deciding to take part in one. If you are accepted to participate in a clinical trial, you will be given a structured program to follow. You may have a schedule of tests, doctors' appointments and treatment.

Access to Internationally Renowned Specialists: The best cancer treatment plans are created in multidisciplinary meetings where doctors, nurses and other clinicians create the plan together. With this affiliation, the team at Meridian can consult about patient cases with an extensive network of internationally renowned researchers and physicians who only specialize in the patient’s type of cancer. They know the intricacies of the cancer and what treatment options work best.

Bringing Hope Closer to Home: Each NCI-CCC serves the needs of the community by sharing the latest treatments, protocols and clinical trials with patients throughout the region. Our patients’ at all five Meridian hospitals have access to these exclusive treatment options, many not available elsewhere in the area. Thanks to this important partnership, hope is much closer to home.

Wellness Resources

    • Cancer Health Library

      Cancer Health Library

      With information on everything from nutrition to genetics, a wealth of information awaits patients, survivors and their families here.

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    • Take a Vacation from Cancer

      Take a Vacation from Cancer

      From time to time, you may benefit from taking a respite from your cancer diagnosis, even if you can't leave your illness completely behind.

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    • Nutrition and Cancer Quiz

      Nutrition and Cancer Quiz

      What effect does diet have on your risk for cancer? Find out by taking this quiz, based in part on information from the American Cancer Society.

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      Diagnostic Imaging

      Our imaging procedures use advanced imaging technology subject to stringent regulatory standards.

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    • Surgery


      Meridian Health’s surgical teams of anesthesiologists, registered nurses and board certified, fellowship-trained surgeons work in state-of-the-art operating rooms.

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