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Anthony Melaci, Valve Replacement

Anthony Melaci

Valve Replacement

Chest pain woke 88-year-old Anthony in the middle of the night. He turned to Jersey Shore University Medical center where he was given "a new life."

  • From Eatontown, NJ
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Anthony was confused and scared when he was awakened by pain in his left arm and experiencing shortness of breath. His wife called for an ambulance and when the paramedics asked which hospital he preferred, his sons said Jersey Shore. Once stabilized, his test results showed three blockages in his aortic valve. Due to Anthony’s age, there were initial concerns about the effects surgery could have on his body. Anthony’s cardiac surgeon, Dr. Greeley, understood the difficulties associated with elderly cardiac patients, but was confident in his patient’s success. When Anthony awoke from aortic valve replacement surgery he was again confused. Only this time he didn’t understand why he felt as if he had never had surgery at all.