Research & Education

Across the country, people turn to teaching hospitals every day for specialized surgeries, life-saving care, and complex treatments. Academic medical centers are where medical knowledge continuously evolves and new cures and treatments are found through clinical trials.

Jersey Shore University Medical Center is the academic hub of Meridian CardioVascular Network. With the support of Riverview Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center, Southern Ocean Medical Center, and Bayshore Community Hospital, physicians are actively researching ways to improve heart care. As a result of this focus, many of the latest treatment options are available to Meridian’s patients first.



Serving as the Training Ground for Tomorrow’s Physicians

Meridian upholds a mission of training the next generation of health care professionals. Tomorrow's physicians must understand how to incorporate patients into decision-making. They need to know how to relate to diverse cultures. They also need a business mind so they can understand how to work within the complexities of insurers.

Renowned Medical Library

Our medical library offers services recognized by many outside organizations for its resources, including a free and unique service for you. Specifically, the Booker Health Sciences Library provides you with answers to health questions based on research. Simply call or email the library your health question. In response, the library staff will put together a packet of scientifically-based information with references and mail it to your home, free of charge.

Main Number: 732-776-4265



Wellness Resources

    • Cardiac Diagnostic Tests

      Cardiac Diagnostic Tests

      New diagnostic tests and tools are constantly being introduced to further understand the complexity of heart disease, injuries and abnormalities.

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    • Cardiac Rehabilitiation

      Cardiac Rehabilitation

      Cardiac rehabilitation can often improve functional capacity, reduce symptoms, and create a sense of well-being for patients.

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    • Heart Failure

      Heart Failure

      Congestive heart failure, is a condition in which the heart cannot pump enough oxygenated blood to meet the needs of the body's other organs.

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Related Services

    • Robotic Surgery

      Robotic Surgery

      With robotically assisted surgery, surgeons use a surgical robot as their instrument to perform complex operations without the need for a large incision.

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    • Vascular Services

      Vascular Services

      Meridian Health is please to offer expanded and advanced vascular services to improve the health and well-being of the people within our community.

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    • Emergency Medicine

      Emergency Medicine

      Designed to provide extraordinary care and comfort the moment you arrive, emergency treatment at Meridian Health hospitals and care centers promises unmatched care and cutting-edge technology in a calm, comfortable healing environment.

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