Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey (RCINJ), a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center is joining forces with Meridian Cancer Care in offering a new trial open patients with rare forms of cancer or with cancer that no longer responds to standard treatment. The clinical trial is part of RCINJ’s precision medicine initiative, which aims to tailor or ‘personalize’ cancer treatment for patients.

The study uses genomic analysis to identify abnormal changes in the genetic make-up of the cancer. The goal is to pinpoint what drives the growth of the cancer cells, identify these changes and patterns, and explore therapies that specifically target these abnormalities to attack the cancer.  

Once abnormalities are identified, the findings will be discussed at a weekly meeting of the Cancer Institute’s Precision Medicine Tumor Board. There, the team will decide if the sequencing results suggest new therapy options, which could include treatment with an approved drug treatment or a new drug that is being tested as part of another clinical trial.

For information on how patients can participate, call Mary Lynn Breslin in the Meridian Clinical Research Center at 732-836-4190.

More information is available here. 

Watch Mary Lynn Breslin, R.N., BCN, OCN discuss the trial.


Jatin Desani, M.D., hematologist oncologist with Meridian Cancer Care, emphasizes the benefits of precision medicine and clinical trials for patients with cancer.