Prevention & Wellness

At Meridian, we understand what it takes to raise children and keep them healthy and safe. With leaders in Child and Family Advocacy (including child abuse prevention) at the local, state, and national levels, we support our communities by offering free programs for parents and children to keep them educated about safety, nutrition, fitness, and positive thinking.

Doctor Bernard and the Pawsitive Action Team

Doctor Bernard is the Director of Fun and Good Health at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital. He and his pals Hopscotch and Picatso, make their rounds to schools and communities across Monmouth and Ocean counties teaching children how to stay healthy and fit, eat right, and be safe. By enrolling your child to be a member of the Pawsitive Action Team, they can receive free gifts, fun games and invitations to special events throughout the year. Sign up and join the team!


Educational Programs

Throughout the year, numerous classes are held featuring our pediatric experts covering various topics including injury prevention, asthma, diabetes, autism, digestive diseases, epilepsy and other chronic conditions. In addition, specialized training programs are also offered including CPR, Babysitting, and much more.  To learn more about upcoming events, call 1-800-560-9990 or visit our online event calendar.


Meet Our Celebrity Spokesperson

Christie Rampone, Captain of the Women’s U.S. soccer team , three-time Olympic medalist, Jersey Shore native, and most importantly a mother, also joins the K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital team at many of our events as a champion of positive attitude, hard work, and always striving to be the best.


Wellness Resources

    • Teaching Kids to Wash Their Hands

      Teaching Kids to Wash Their Hands

      More than half of food-related illness outbreaks are caused by unwashed or poorly washed hands, says the American Society for Microbiology. Outbreaks of hepatitis A in children in daycare centers have been directly connected to lack of handwashing after changing diapers or using the bathroom.

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    • Sports Injuries

      Sports Safety for Children

      Sports are great for children. Sports can help a child's physical coordination, fitness, and self-esteem. Sports can also teach children about teamwork and self-discipline.

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    • Common Childhood Injuries

      Common Childhood Injuries and Poisonings

      Visit our library of online resources for common childhood injuries and poisonings.

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